Create added value for the services and products of manufacturing companies, through innovative technologies and research activities performed by academia.


Enable the knowledge sharing among the academia and the national industry.

Integrate innovative Industry 4.0 technologies in manufacturing.

Exploit Research Results towards Industrial Applicability in pilots.

Teaching Factory Competence Center has deep know-how and expertise in the area of digitalization and Industry 4.0 technologies.

Its partnership consists of end-user, manufacturers, machine builders, system integrators and software providers. Due to this scheme, the company experience on business models is very strong since partners expertise is combined under this competence center.

Teaching Factory Paradigm

Cooperation with the industry

Delivery of Training

Familiarization with Innovative Technologies

Problem Solving

Design & Structuring of Training

Formulation of

Innovative Research Results


Organizing online sessions Factory visit



Industry 4.0
Artificial Intelligence
of challenges
Hybrid learning modes (Hands on & Remote)
Asychronous or Sychronous
Upskilling and Reskilling
Proposed solutions Support
on implementation
Tailormade to specific industrial
Definition of requirements and


Robotic Assembly Cell Related services

  • Assembly tasks
  • Packaging tasks
  • Robot programming
  • Intralogistics

Robotic Handling Cell Related services

  • Handling of large and light parts for packaging or assembly purposes
  • Intuitive Robot programming
  • System design

Additive Manufacturing Cell Related services

  • Digital Twin
  • Process optimization and control
  • Material saving
  • Process quality

AR-based Robotic Cell Related services

  • Large, heavy parts handling
  • AR, VR, Remote operation
  • Safety
  • AI-based vision

Gender Equality Plan

Teaching Factory Competence Center is highly committed to gender equality and actively supports actions against gender discrimination. Teaching Factory Competence Center has been strongly devoted to equal rights, opportunities, and freedoms between genders. Respect for diversity and uniqueness is also among the core values Teaching Factory Competence Center represents. Teaching Factory Competence Center promotes innovation, moves further into committing to gender equality by adopting a Gender Equality Plan that formulates and embeds its values while at the same time fully abides with international and European standards. Therefore, the so far practices regarding gender equality that were reflected in Teaching Factory Competence Center’s culture, are now taking a more binding character, one that a Gender Equality plan establishes.

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